Grade Parties/Socials

Each year, the AJA PTSA organizes grade-level parties.  These parties are a really nice way to start off the year, allowing parents to meet with and bond with other parents in the grade.  It is also a great way to welcome and meet new families who have just started at AJA.  

We would like to do all of the parties in the beginning of the year this year and we are looking for volunteers who are interested in coordinating and hosting these parties.  We need 2 volunteers per grade to be responsible for the party, however, you do not have to be financially responsible for the party if you do not want to.  

These parties have been done in many different ways.  They can be dinners, coffee & dessert, wine & cheese, etc... In the past, hosts have paid for the event or have asked parents to chip in.  Each grade can do whatever type of event they want.  The goal is just to have one!  The only "rule" is that everything at the party must be strictly Kosher and cannot be cooked in anyone's home.  

Please contact Gennye Krasner if you are interested in coordinating a grade dinner.